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People, Projects, and Organizations

21 Jan 2010 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

You Are Not the Norm

It’s fun to encounter different cultures. Whether through travel or reading we marvel at the differences and share them enthusiastically with our friends. When traveling abroad we look forward to experiencing others and come to expect the oddities. It actually makes our travel experience more invigorating and personal. But, when it comes to differences in […]


12 Jan 2010 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Consistency Is The Difference

It’s not uncommon for leaders of organizations to think that their organization’s performance is subpar when compared to similar organizations in other companies. They feel that others must be much more sophisticated and produce far better results. While these feelings may be true the reality is far from it. As with most things in life […]


05 Jan 2010 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

The Power of the Question

It’s precious to watch a young child learn. They ask questions that reveal their naivety and inquisitiveness. Question after question, their minds churn taking in information and formulating new questions. There is a lot of power in the questions children ask, and because of this they are rewarded with information for growth. As adults, ower […]