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People, Projects, and Organizations

24 Jun 2010 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

If You Want to be Relevant You Need to Innovate

In today’s environment, relevance is a matter of survival. Having a relevant organization means being pertinent, connected, or applicable to your company or industry. It means being current, not out of date when it comes to the latest practices and having a very strong value proposition for your internal or external clients. Organizations that are […]


16 Jun 2010 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Holding People Accountable (Part 2)

Even if you follow all the practices laid out in Holding People Accountable (Part 1), you may still find team members failing to deliver as promised. Don’t be surprised. Most of the time team members intend to deliver or act upon a healthy agreement, but poor professional skills or uncontrollable environmental issues derail the outcome […]


10 Jun 2010 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Holding People Accountable (Part 1)

You’ve heard the talk in the hallways. “He’s not holding so and so accountable.” “They never deliver on time.” “If I were the project manager I’d sure hold them accountable.” Or, how about, “If they worked directly for me I could hold them accountable.” “That’s the problem with this company. No one works directly for […]


03 Jun 2010 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Your Biggest Project Risk is Poor Project Management

One of Systemation’s most highly sought after single discipline classes within project management is risk management. Directors are hot on it; they feel their PM’s are weak in risk management because of a common pattern they witness. Projects are not being completed as expected and the main culprit it seems is unexpected events, unforeseen risks, […]