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People, Projects, and Organizations

27 Oct 2010 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

The Purpose of v1.0 is to Make a Great v2.0

What drove us to become the consumers we are today? We want everything right now and just the way we like it. For the most part, these expectations are met: faster this, more options in that, and everything cheaper. Unfortunately, when we move into our work environment we also apply these same expectations to our […]


21 Oct 2010 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

People Want to do Good, BUT . . .

I know you have lots of reasons to not believe this, but people are good. They care about others and want to help those in need. Yes , yes . . there are some rotten people out there, but their percentage is much lower than you think. Most people know the difference between what’s good […]


13 Oct 2010 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Shape Your Organization for Effective Change

No organization is ever where a leader wants it; there is always something that needs to be different. In fact, this is a very healthy perspective. First of all, an organization needs to be different just to stay relevant. Secondly, all organizations have weaknesses; identifying and dealing with them is like working with fractals. Fractal: […]


08 Oct 2010 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

You Can’t Manage a Project While Working in it

No person starts their professional career in the role of project manager. Project managers usually have spent years as a member of project teams, contributing directly to the end product. As they gained experience and mastered their skills in multiple areas, they one day got the chance to manage a project. If they didn’t crash […]