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People, Projects, and Organizations

30 Jun 2011 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

When Nice Users Drive You Nuts

You know and appreciate them. Those super nice people who are always cordial, very amenable, never demanding or burdensome. In group settings you hardly know they are around. When you interact with them one-on-one it is always a pleasure. The conversation stays very positive and noncontroversial. In most settings you wish the world had a […]


22 Jun 2011 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Creating Environments That Change Lives

Many of us have had positive experiences in our lives that altered, in a profound way, our status quo way of thinking and doing. From that point forward, we were never the same and forever reminiscent of that time. It may have been a special project, sports season, or exceptional group of friends. While those […]


09 Jun 2011 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Beware of the “Entitlement” Fungus

Fungus fulfills a vital role in our ecosystem by decomposing things. When certain environmental conditions are present they trigger growth and reproduction. In other words, fungus does its job when the ecosystem needs it to do its job. Individual entitlement too is a decomposer; but only in our organizations. It is a fungus that must […]