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Wil McClennen

Wil McClennen, Senior Facilitator

Wil McClennen is an organizational genius. He sees areas to improve and ways to capitalize on strengths when others would just pass right by them. His keen insight is a valuable asset to Systemation and to our clients.

An expert in systems thinking, Wil has learned how to work with senior management to get things done. And he enables workshop participants to do the same. Through leadership development, general management and corporate culture evaluation, he helps project managers truly change their company for the better.

Wil is an excellent trainer and coach because he has been in the shoes of today’s project managers. He has structured and implemented a project office and analyzed organizational systems of a large company’s IT division. He once even managed a critical research project conducted with a team of 13 companies in four countries on three continents in just 25 days instead of the normal seven months! Such experience places him among the nation’s top leaders in project management.

Wil is highly discouraged from working with electricity at home. He once mis-wired the living room lights so that they wouldn’t work with the switch, but would turn on and off according to the thermostat setting. He has twice blown himself off a ladder while performing simple wiring tasks. Luckily, he is a much better trainer than electrician!

Tasty Tidbit!
What is the funniest thing that happened to you as a child?

“At a family summer camp I offered to play the guitar and sing at the talent night. When I began, I became so nervous my fingers got stuck between the guitar strings. The audience of about 300 thought it was a comedy act … so I went with it (ever seen an 11 year-old do improv?) I brought the house down, but haven’t tried to sing in public since.” Working with what he’s got, that’s par for the course. Resourceful, talented and a little off-key-that’s our Wil McClennen!

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