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Ben Snyder

Ben Snyder, CEO

ben snyder photoBen Snyder carries the weight of Systemation on his shoulders. Each success and area of improvement is taken personally. And that personal feel permeates through the company, setting it apart from all others. As CEO, Ben creates a vision for where Systemation could be and then develops an environment that fosters its accomplishment. He works tirelessly to keep the focus on excellence and relationship-based business practices.

On the inside, Ben is known as “the keeper of fun.” He sees that everyone at work has just the right amount of it. If things get too quiet, he starts goofing around. If things get a little wild, he sits back and watches. It’s a priority of his to maintain a fun atmosphere and is always doing special things for the staff to keep them motivated and happy. His visionary leadership and personal sense of character have made Systemation successful. Passing those keys on to clients is often what makes the difference in their business, as well.

Tasty Tidbit!

What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

“One time, I was snow skiing and had to go to the bathroom really bad. I took off my skies, rushed to the restroom, pushed open the door and crammed myself into a stall. Soon, others came in and I noticed their voices were a little high. Then a person entered the stall next to me wearing white boots and pink pants! I waited for everyone to leave, then slipped out. Only then did I see the women’s symbol on the door. I was relieved I didn’t get caught but felt bad for the person in the next stall. She might have been a little intimidated if she saw my boots. They were black, size 14!”

The only really intimidating thing about Ben is the success he’s found with Systemation. And those size-14 boots would certainly be hard for anyone to fill! He’s always had a vision for what Systemation could be for clients and facilitators and staff. He works hard to fulfill that vision, and everyone benefits as a result! Dedicated, passionate, nothing-less-than-the-best-will-do, upstanding, light-hearted, fun … People make the difference at Systemation – People like Ben Snyder

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