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People, Projects, and Organizations

02 Dec 2014 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

5 Tips for Achieving Project Success

When it comes to project management, sticking to a project’s timeline and budget is never an easy task. While there are countless factors that can alter a project while it’s being completed, project managers need to adjust to these changes to achieve project success. But, that’s easier said than done. According to, many large […]


25 Nov 2014 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Your Most Important Work is Project Work

Organizations have two types of work in today’s business environment: day-to-day work and project work. Both have a unique purpose and benefit to the organization. However, the latter is much harder than the other to get completed; but, its impact on the organization’s performance is very high. Day-to-Day Work Day-to-day work is the work that […]


20 Nov 2014 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Why Project Phases Aren’t a Project Management Concept

There are lots of people who think project phases are a project management related concept. The fact is, project phases are more of a work and deliverable concept. Project phases get confused with the project management process groups defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI): initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing. These process groups are […]


18 Nov 2014 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

What is a Project?

The formal definition of a project is: a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service. Temporary, meaning projects have starts and finishes. They are finite in time. Unique product or service, meaning they are not mass-produced or a frequently repeated action or process. Categorizing something as a unique product or service is very […]


13 Nov 2014 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

What Are Project Deliverables?

The formal definition of the term project deliverables is: any unique and verifiable product, result, or capability needed to perform a service that is required to be produced to complete project. In simpler terms, project deliverables are what have to be produced from a project to meet the project objectives and stakeholders’ expectations. They are […]


11 Nov 2014 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

How to Kick Start Your Project Plan with Learning Objectives

A learning objective describes what training participants should know or be able to do at the end of a project management training course that they couldn’t do before. Learning objectives are related to a participant’s performance. Each individual learning objective should support the overarching benefits (goals) of the course, that is, the thread that unites […]


06 Nov 2014 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Start With The End In Mind: Project Deliverables

Project deliverables. If you think that sounds like an overly complicated name for something, you’re right! It is. The name may be complicated but what the term “project deliverables” describes is everyday things. Project deliverables are anything a project intends to produce. It most definitely includes the end results but also the items that need […]


04 Nov 2014 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Why Do IT Projects Fail?

The main reasons IT projects fail are lack of confidence, no alignment, fuzziness, and confusion. IT projects also fail when business requirements are gathered incorrectly. View our infographic to see a systematic breakdown of why IT projects fail. Try our free ROI calculator to see how your organization can improve its project performance.


30 Oct 2014 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

How to Make Your Project Scope Crispy

The initial project scope defined in the project plan is the conceptual vision of what the project will deliver upon completion. Seems simple, right? But when we start to plan the project there needs to be several interviews with the sponsor and key stakeholders. Each one of them has their vision for what the project […]


23 Oct 2014 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

6 Tips for New Project Managers

For new project managers, managing your first project can be a daunting task. You have to develop a realistic strategy, oversee your team members, solve tactical problems, and make sure your project doesn’t veer off track. Project management professionals have to be prepared to deal with last-minute requests or changes, while sticking to the deadline. […]