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People, Projects, and Organizations

31 Jan 2013 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Managing Expectations

It goes without saying that projects involve lots of expectations. Project manager and team members feel the heat from project stakeholders when it comes to task completions, deliverables, adherences to processes, and use of resources, just to name a few. Although it is an essential part of a project manager’s job, knowing how to manage […]


04 Jan 2013 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Respect The Project’s Natural Life-Cycle

There is a project joke that has been around for years… There are six stages of a project: 1.  Enthusiasm2.  Disillusionment3.  Panic4.  Search for the guilty5.  Punishment of the innocent6.  Praise and honor for the non-participants  While this is satirically funny it is not a project life-cycle anyone wants to experience. A key factor that separates project […]


02 Jan 2013 Posted by Laurel Bretting

Guest Post: We’re Going Back to the Past

By Laurel Bretting, Systemation Marketing Guru   Long time no see. That’s because we were concentrating on some special projects.  We produced a treasure trove of fun, exciting, and useful tools/resources. So, hop on our time machine (no roads, DeLoreans, or hoverboards required) and find out what we’ve been up to this past year: Everything’s […]


10 Nov 2011 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Four Functional Disciplines Needed on All Projects

All projects have a set of common characteristic by definition: they are temporary endeavors undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. Because of this, they also have some common activities that must be executed. Such things as: developing the project plan, schedule, and budget . . . executing, controlling, and pre-planning the project […]


18 May 2011 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

All Projects Bring About Change

By their nature, all projects induce change on individuals. It may be a change in process, product line, job aids, tools, organizational structure, personnel, or at the least expectations. As you know, not everyone deals with change in the same way. Also, change can be halted or derailed because of the way people respond to […]


18 Mar 2011 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Never Care More About Your Project Than Your Sponsor Does

It’s no secret that project managers don’t hold all the authority that is required to keep a project on the right path during its lifespan. They need sponsors to, at times, approve more resources, additional time, cast the final vote on a split decision situation, limit end users’ sprawling needs, and participate in resolving lots […]


03 Mar 2011 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Project-Oriented Skills: Support the Profession and the Role

Many job fields have professional designations; doctors, lawyers, accountants, realtors, etc. The same goes for project-oriented skills. The Project Management Institute certifies project managers, The International Institute for Business Analysis certifies business analysts, and The Scrum Alliance certifies agile developers. The organizations that certify these professions have standards that define in great detail all the […]


28 Feb 2011 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Sometimes the Process is Just as Important as the Product

Results matter and should be the aim of every employee. Achieving results is what differentiates good employees from great ones. Sometimes though, when the result being pursued is a product or deliverable, the process used to deliver that result needs the same level of attention as the product itself. In other words, sometimes the process […]


03 Feb 2011 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Use Metrics to Diagnose Your Project’s Ills

Nobody likes dealing with a sick project, but we have all been there and done that. Some projects start out sick and stay that way for the duration; others look like they are healthy but then collapse near the end. Most of the time we guess at the reasons for our projects schedule’s ills, hoping […]


26 Jan 2011 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Everything is a Project

The industrial revolution brought about the division of labor, repeatable tasks, factories, and assembly lines. Work was accomplished by people whose perspective was only as broad as the tasks they were assigned to do. A strong and rigid hierarchy of management kept all the people in line and all the pieces together. The process and […]