Non-Technical Projects and Project Management

When you think of “projects,” does your mind immediately jump to the technology departments? IT, R&D, Engineering? Professional project managers and business analysts first emerged in these technical bastions. But they are not the only folks with projects.

Implementing new inventory management procedures is a project. Rolling out a new performance appraisal process is a project. Market research is a project. Year-end accounting is a project. Organizing a sales conference is a project. In short, much of the work in your organization is non-technical project-based.

For most professionals in non-technical fields, however, getting a project management or business analysis certification makes no sense. You don’t need it. But you can benefit from knowing a few tricks and tools to make your projects run more smoothly.

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Got Projects

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Individuals managing smaller, shorter-term projects often wear multiple hats and have other job duties on top of their project responsibilities. This highly interactive workshop equips such jugglers to deliver great project results more efficiently and with less stress. Participant’s gain a solid understanding of the 4 phases in every project (planning, specifying, building, and implementing) and the 4 project disciplines (project management, business analysis, product development, and change management).


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Physical Classroom$1,100View Dates
Virtual Classroom$940