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Certificate in Agile Development Program

Using current development methodologies, project requirements are difficult to identify up front and are prone to substantial change. Technical risks are realized late in the project, costing precious time and money. Incorporating key enterprise functionality can take months, only to be delivered with a myriad of defects. It all leads to tense and adversarial relationships between the development team and end users.

Agile development relieves the pain through iterative development. Small releases flesh out product complexities early on in the project, and developers can focus on delivering high-valued functionality ahead of other mundane features. With agile, quality is built in by design.

Comprising three courses, Agile Development teaches the overriding principles of agile, including the “nuts and bolts” of agile team development and the human side of agile – collaboration, delegation, changing culture and communication. Strategies for taking the agile approach organization wide are also covered.

Fast Start® in Agile Development
3 Days Traditional  | 24 Hours Virtual
This course is specifically designed to provide participants with a solid understanding of what agile is, and some of the best practices surrounding an agile project. An emphasis will be placed on understanding the key agile principles and why they are important.
Download course outline PDF 366k
Going Agile
2 Days Traditional  |  16 Hours Virtual
With illuminating exercises that simulate an actual agile project, Going Agile teaches participants everything they need to know to make a successful transition to agile. Instructors begin with a brief overview of agile, and then delve deeply into best-practice techniques, agile project lifecycles, requirements building, team dynamics and much more.
Download course outline PDF 344k