Systemation Webinar Educations Series Library

Project Management Webinars

Title Technical Leadership Strategic
Accelerating the Execution Process x
Are You Doing Everything You Can to Create a REAL Project "Team"? x
Branding Projects: Creating Identity and Owndership Your Team Can Get Behind x
Cruise Control: Managing Projects Successfully x
Dealing with Difficult Project Team Members x
Decision Making Styles: Informed Influencing x
Delivering Bad News in Good Ways x
Dual Roles and Responsibilities on a Team x
Facilitating for Alignment x
Helping Stakeholders Give You What's Needed x
Holding People Accountable: The Project Manager Ball and Chain x
How to Manage a Project Without Acting Like a Boss x
How to Manage Challenging Stakeholders x
How to Prioritize Your Work to Make You Look the Best x
I Think I'm Dealing with Resistant Stakeholders x
Influencing Others x
Managing Change in an Ever-Changing Project World x
Managing Revolving Project Resources x
Out of Wack? How to Get Work/Life Balance Back x
PMP® Exam Preparation x
Portable Skills all Project Managers Need to Lead Projects x
Project Charter: Why you're Nuts if you Don't Have One x
Project Communication: How to be Effective x
Project Management by Twitter: Project Management in a Social World x
Project Success: What's Holding you Back? x
Pushing Back: When to Defend Your Ideas x
Stakeholder Involvement: The Magic of Timing x
Three Tools Project Managers Shouldn't Ignore x
Walk the Talk on Projects: Effective Communication that Goes the Distance x
Want to Manage Projects Effectively? Start with Yourself x
When Anxiety is a Good Thing on Projects x
When Project Challenges Occur: How to Keep the Focus on the Business Issue x
When Style Matters: Recognizing and Embracing Personal Assets and Liabilities in Projects x

Business Analysis Webinars

Title Technical Leadership Strategic
Business Intelligence: What Does the BA Need to Know? x
Business Process Management x
CBAP and CCBA Preparation: Getting Through the Application and Beyond x
Conscious Conflict Management x
Continuous Process Improvement: Baby Stepts to the Big Picture x
Discovery Requirements from Modeling Tools x
Effective Vurtual Requirements Workshops: Facilitate Like a Pro x
Get'r Done! Being More Effective in all That You Do x
Going Lean: How Skinny Can we Get? x
Human Factors and Creating a Quality User Interface x
Kanban - Incremental, Evolutionary Change x
More Responsibility than Authority x
Realizing Risk x
Scope Management x
The Marshmallow Challenge: Lessons for Real Life Challenges x
Time Management: Doing More with Less Time x
Value: What You Bring to the Table x
Visualizing Requirements: Going Beyond the Written Word x
Writing a Quality Use Case x

Agile Development Webinars

Title Technical Leadership Strategic
Agile Myths x
Planning Withing the Agile Project x
Requirements in an Agile World x