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December 9, 2014
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5 Must-Have Skills for Project Managers
December 23, 2014
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Top 4 Apps for a Business Analyst

Top 4 Apps for Business Analysts

In this digital era, laptops, tablets, and smartphones have become an essential part of the modern workforce. Applications and software have allowed businesses to access company email, calendars, to-do lists, and files from anywhere on any device. These apps increase collaboration, protect valuable documents, and help employees manage their workload.

There are tons of applications available to help a business analyst, project manager, and consultant manage and complete their tasks. Here’s a list of the top apps all business analysts and managers should utilize:

  1. Cisco Web Ex – Available for the iPhone or iPad, this app is a mobile web-conferencing software that helps employees collaborate and accomplish tasks no matter where they are. In addition to providing a platform for meeting and sharing ideas with colleagues, clients and partners, the Web Ex Meeting Center helps you manage deadlines, facilitate project reviews, deepen customer relationships and speed up the sales process, effectively manage global teams, save money on travel, and make faster, more informed decisions. It’s a must have for any analyst who has to deal with web conferences.
  2. Business Analyst Online – Esri’s BA app allows analysts to access demographic and business data and analysis on the go. The app uses a Web browser to provide market analyses. Analysts can create reports and maps and receive a detailed, comprehensive look at the demographic makeup of specific populations and their behaviors and lifestyles. With this data, analysts can find the best locations, customers, and products or services.
  3. Cam Scanner – A business analyst can often be swamped with paper documents. When you don’t have a scanner ready available you can use the Cam Scanner, which allows you to take a photo of any document with your camera. The app automatically locates the edges of the document and straightens, crops and illuminates it. You can save it as a PDF and also scan multi-page pages at one time.
  4. Evernote – With the Evernote app, you can take notes, create lists, and manage all the details of your project in one place. The app syncs your lists on all your devices and stores copies of your documents on each device. You can also store scanned documents, and Evernote will index your files using keywords. If you are a smart business analyst, pair the Evernote app with the Skitch add-on, which lets you take screenshots and make notes on them.

With these apps, BAs can track and manage their projects more efficiently and better communicate and collaborate with partners and stakeholders. While these apps are very useful, being a successful business analyst goes far beyond an application. To perform your best, earn your business analysis certification in Denver. With your certification, you’ll learn how to utilize the latest technologies to manage your workload and accomplish the objectives and goals of your organization.

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