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July, 2011 | A Very PMP Wedding

Water, Water Everywhere and Lots of Drops to Drink

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IIt was probably much easier to plan a wedding in 1911 than it is in 2011. There was maybe only one vendor to choose from for each thing you needed to get done. However, easiness aside, your wedding was just like your neighbor’s (and by neighbor I mean person who lives 5 miles down the country dirt road). Last year when my friends were planning their wedding the bride kept telling me there is no shortage of choices. She was right. There are endless amounts of florists, caterers, photographers, wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, rings, personalized favors. I could go on and on and on. Of course there are two sides of this coin; on one hand it is great to be able to customize a wedding to exactly your taste. On the other hand the amount of choice could drive you...

My Wedding Planning Addiction

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II am beginning to think about my impending wedding all the time. It is definitely in the forefront of my mind and I am starting to do uncharacteristic things like not calling my Dad back after he left me two messages, not coloring or cutting my hair, and working out every day. I think it is good though that I am acknowledging my addiction to wedding planning before it gets out of control. I wonder if there is a wedding planners anonymous group out there somewhere… So putting together my wedding approach should be relatively easy since I have been thinking about my wedding day and night. The wedding approach is basically a strategy for how you will accomplish your wedding day bliss factors and deliverables. However, it is not a complicated document, just...

Seriously? PWD?

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TThe other night I was happily reading through this month’s issue of “Brides” magazine when I came across a horrible article. Something that should never have been in a happy, non-depressing, and joyous publication. Kid you not, apparently there is such a thing as post-wedding depression (PWD). At first glance I thought, it was kind of funny, it couldn’t be real. But as I read on I learned that PWD is actually a term used by therapists. Seriously? I guess the good news is that PWD isn’t caused by a change in hormones (like postpartum depression). The bad news? It happens just because your wedding is over. I mean, I know the feeling of a let-down after a wonderful vacation or something I have been looking forward to for a long time. But the possibility of...

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