Final Days as a Cagan

II can’t go into my wedding on Sunday without writing one last blog post. I don’t have much to say besides the fact that everything is planned and done. Thank you project management. Expect pictures and a full recap mid-June when I get back from my honeymoon.

The Wrath of the Bridezilla

laurel the bridezilla

MMy name is Laurel Cagan and I am a Bridezilla. I lost it in a meeting with our DJ handler. I had just sat in traffic for over an hour, missed three quarters of the meeting, and I was steaming when I walked in. Then poor Justin interrupted me while I was talking and I yelled at him. The DJ handler laughed uncomfortably, and my saintly fiancé apologized for interrupting me. Not one of my best moments. Yes, even brides-to-be who plan their wedding with project management can’t avoid the dreaded bridezilla alter-ego. I naively assumed that because I went through all the steps of initiating and planning, I could avoid what I defined as one of my wedding day bliss factors (success criteria). So, I’ve come up with a theory. Every bride-to-be becomes a bridezilla in...

Wedding Time and the Livin’s Easy

wedding excitement chart

DDo you remember that feeling? That wonderful feeling you got in school the last day of the year when all your homework was turned in and all your tests were taken. And all there was in front of you was the fun-filled days of summer? I am sure you do because that is one of the best feelings in the world. You might have thought that you would never have that feeling again. Well, I am here to tell you, you will. When you finish your last big task before your wedding you will want to scream and jump for joy (I certainly did last night when I finished up designing the seating chart, programs, and table numbers). You will forget about all the stress you have experienced and your over-loaded brain and you will just look forward to the biggest day of your life. I...

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