A Breakthrough

WWho knew people could have wedding planning breakthroughs? I sure didn’t. But it happened to me the other night. It happened through a dream…

My dreams can sometimes be very vivid. If I were an artist, I would probably wake up and draw or paint my dreams like Salvador Dali did. But alas, I am just a measly bride-to-be planning my wedding.

Since Justin and I got engaged I have consistently had bad dreams or even nightmares about the wedding going wrong. There was the dream where I walked down the aisle in an oversized white night shirt. There have been multiple, reoccurring dreams about the wedding sneaking up on me and I’m not done planning it, or I haven’t lost weight yet, or my hair hasn’t grown long enough, or my hair turned blonde.  And what about the dream where I wore a crazy hat instead of a veil? I have had so many bad dreams about my wedding I can’t even remember them all.

I don’t feel more stressed about the wedding than is probably normal. My subconscious seems to have a different opinion though.

So I am sure you can imagine my delightment when I woke up in the wee hours of Tuesday morning after a GOOD dream about the wedding. This dream consisted of my wedding dress being way more comfortable than I imagined it would be, everyone having a great time, and me being able to handle the problems that cropped with grace and ease.  Of course the good dream was promptly followed by a bad one in which I forgot to write my wedding vows.

Nevertheless, when I woke up for work on Tuesday I was rejuvenated. I was more excited than I have ever been about the wedding. Take that subconscious!

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