A Little Known Wedding Planning Fact

AAh, getting engaged, it’s a magical time in a woman’s life when she can’t stop dreaming about her wedding.

Blah, being in the last two months before your wedding, it’s a terrible time when all a woman wants to do is stop thinking about her wedding. Yes, the bloom is most certainly off the rose, people.

Why is it that nobody tells you that the last couple months before your wedding are no fun? Is it some secret that all married women keep from brides-to-be so they don’t elope? Well, I am warning all of you RIGHT NOW to brace yourselves.

There comes a time during the wedding planning process when you will be sick of agonizing over every detail, emailing vendors, and eating cottage cheese every day for lunch. You will long for weekends that aren’t packed with dress fittings, shopping excursions, and cake tastings. You will want it all to just STOP!

I have only found one thing that helps, giving your head a break. I was lucky enough to go on my first business trip in mid-March and it was a mind-saver. I didn’t think about any details for the wedding at all, it was wonderful. When I got back to Denver, my brain actually stayed pretty happy and relaxed for about a week and a half and then all those mind-numbing details starting making their way out again. But let me tell you, the break was worth it and highly suggested.

I know this post has been whiny and it may seem like I am ungrateful, I’m not. I just wish I could have mentally prepared myself in advance. I think this little known fact about wedding planning should be shared instead of kept in a locked box. So go forth and spread the secret for the good of all bride-to-bes out there.

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