A Scottish Break

II am taking a break from wedding planning for the next 11 days so I can take a trip with my family to Scotland. Unfortunately Justin isn’t coming with me. And I will miss him.

In the past few weeks I have been frantically trying to line up all my vendors. And I am happy to say that all the main ones besides the DJ are taken care of! Venue, check. Photographer, check. Caterer, check. Florist, check. What an accomplishment. Of course, while I’m away the wedding planning can’t stop so I have given Justin his first three activities to take care of: hire the DJ, find a hotel for our guests to stay at in downtown Denver, and start researching honeymoons.

Although I have already started checking off activities I haven’t created my official schedule yet. That is what I will be writing about and doing when I get back. Obviously I am doing things a little out of order but I do have a time constraint and I can’t wait for every blog post I write to actually do each thing I am telling you to do.

So, during my flight across the Atlantic tonight I will be cuddled up with my iPad, catching up on Brides magazine and hopefully finishing the book I am reading about the history of marriage. Just because I can’t do any planning while I am gone doesn’t mean I won’t be thinking about my wedding.

And thanks again to co-worker, Jason who sent me this funny cartoon this morning. How true it is.

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