Big, Poufy, Tulle Dresses

IImagine the poufiest wedding dress you have ever seen…I saw one so poufy the other day on TLC’s My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding that the bride had to hold her arms about three feet from her body and walk like a duck. Not my personal choice in wedding attire but to each their own, right?

pink poufy wedding dress

Yes, this is the dress from “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”. It even had lights strung throughout it for the reception

I feel as though using project management to plan a wedding is like a huge, poufy wedding dress with lots and lots of tulle layers. Forget that wedding cake mumbo jumbo I mentioned earlier. It’s not that simple. It’s actually more like a 100 layer tulle dress. You start out small and simple with the very underneath piece of tulle (the wedding planning blueprint) and keep adding layer upon layer upon layer with more and more details until you get to the work breakdown structure, Gantt charts, etc. You keep breaking things down more and more until you have the most minute detail about what lies ahead in the wedding planning process.

Last week I created my wedding planning blueprint. This week I will be starting on the wedding planning scope statement, which is just a much more detailed version of the blueprint. Because it is so detailed, I will be completing it over several weeks and breaking it into more manageable pieces.

This week I will be documenting the wedding scope description. The wedding scope description elaborates on the details of the wedding previously recorded in the wedding planning blueprint and determines the scope of the wedding. It’s the very first high level to-do list I will create.

I know it sort of seems like I am doing things over and over but thinking through the wedding scope now will help me with my work breakdown structure in a few weeks. I’m working on my second layer of tulle –  If all goes well, I just might have a big poufy dress when I am done.

View my version of the wedding scope description

Next week’s tulle layers: wedding acceptance criteria and wedding planning deliverables.

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