BBYOL…any guesses?

BRING YOUR OWN LINENS. Why? Because apparently to rent napkins and table cloths that have been used hundreds of times before you have to shell out a pretty penny. Yeah, we don’t have to worry about washing, drying, and transporting them but I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that we will be paying over $700 for renting old rags.

This is the first (and probably not the last) time that I have been flabbergasted by how much a line item for a wedding costs. It may be an over-exaggeration to say the linens will look like old rags but that price tag is for polyester, not even for a natural fiber.

Since when did polyester become a designer fabric? I thought it was an ugly material worn to Discos in the 1970s. Maybe we should just have a disco themed wedding and make it all match. Then, at least, we would have a reason to pay that much for polyester.

Speaking of expensive, I put together my wedding skills matrix today and if I were paying a wedding planner rather than doing everything myself, I would probably be providing her with the funds for a brand new Mercedes.

The wedding skills matrix is a list of each activity from the wedding work breakdown structure (WBS) and the associated person who has the skills and knowledge to complete the activity. It will let you know pretty easily who you will need to recruit to get things done. Guess who I need to recruit? Moi, the wedding planner.  I am the subject matter expert for 88% of the wedding activities (95% if you include the graphic design activities I will be completing).

So yes, I am saving money by doing everything myself, and getting friends and family to help, and using project management to plan my wedding. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still feel like I am getting ripped off by a wedding rental company.

I think I have three options here:

  1. I really do make all my guests bring their own linens to the wedding
  2. I purchase biodegradable disposable linens and have an eco-friendly themed wedding
  3. Just suck it up and pay for the rentals. I knew all along weddings are expensive and over-priced


Wedding Skills Matrix Documents:

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