Laurel Sharpie Hands

II feel like Edward Scissor Hands. I have the power right now to chop things out of the wedding and this is my opportunity to document them. I have fingers made of big, red, Sharpie® Pens. I am Laurel Sharpie Hands!!!

There are a lot of things that Justin and I want in our wedding and lots of things we don’t. Instead of relying on my wedding planning crew to read my mind or thinking they will derive a list themselves from my deliverables I am going to make it clear from the get go. No surprises. No disappointments.

Justin and I have already had a conversation about what we don’t want (exclusions). Some of the things are budget related, others are because we don’t like the tradition, and others are just not important to us. So, what is included in my list of exclusions range from planning activities to events on the day of the wedding.

And, a big bonus of this process is nobody will be able to say that you promised to do something in particular. If you have it written down on your exclusions list you have proof. Plus, if you have overbearing family members that may expect certain things of your wedding it is easier to have the conversation now than a day before the wedding.

I may make my sharpie hands permanent. I might even walk down the aisle with them. And if anyone gets out of hand I will just “uncontrollably” mark all over their faces. That would make for some very nice wedding photos, right?

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