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TThis week I am supposed to be writing about what project management calls human resource planning. It involves choosing your project team (or as I call it, the wedding planning crew), figuring out how to acquire them, assigning chunks of the project to them, and making sure they aren’t overloaded with work. I actually don’t need to do any of that.

My wedding planning crew was decided months ago when I chose my bridesmaids. Some members of the crew are there by default: groom, mother, father, sister. Luckily I didn’t have to figure out how to acquire them because I wasn’t competing with another friend for my wedding date (unlike the movie “Bride Wars”). I also will not be assigning them chunks of the project or overwhelming them with too much work because I don’t want to make anyone do anything for me, if they want to help that is great.

Instead, I thought I would write about how lucky I am to have such a wonderful wedding planning crew. I’m one lucky gal. My Mom might be more excited than I am for the wedding – which is really really really really excited because I am really really really excited myself. She really wants to be involved in everything but isn’t forcing her opinions on me. She gives them when asked and has helped me make some wonderful decisions already that I wouldn’t have been able to make without her. My Mom is also very creative and is making my veil, sash for my dress, and silk flowers for all my bridesmaids. She is helping me make my wedding unique. Oh, and she bought a book about how to be a good mother-in-law.

My Dad behaves like most fathers whose daughters are getting married: he doesn’t have much of an opinion about anything, teases me sometimes, and is just happy for me. It’s something every bride needs.

My Sister is the best. She bought a book about how to plan a wedding from a maid of honors perspective. She is taking charge of planning the bachelorette party is so on top of it. She also pretends she likes everything I like for the wedding (even if she really doesn’t). I played a trick on her when we were trying on bridesmaids dresses and found a dress that I knew she didn’t like the style of and told her that I LOVED it. You could see in her face that she thought it was hideous but she tried it on anyway and didn’t say anything bad about it. She is the calm in the storm.

My bridesmaids are so supportive. They keep asking me if there is anything they can do to help and are up for anything. They make me laugh and get my mind off of the wedding when I need to.

And last but not least there is Justin. Justin isn’t the typical groom to be. He really is interested in making decisions with me about everything. Now, I have to admit that sometimes I wish he would just be like any normal guy and let me decide everything but those thoughts are only fleeting. He has helped me get some tasks done and comes to almost every vendor meeting I have scheduled. He is the most supportive fiancé ever, he calms me down when I start to get stressed out. I imagine it can’t be easy living with a bride-to-be who constantly has her mind on wedding planning but he makes it seem like a piece of cake.

I just realized how different each of the members of my wedding planning crew are. They all have different personalities and have helped me in different ways. Like I said before,  I’m one lucky gal.

Oops, I think I just wrote a pretty corny blog post. I’m allowed one, right? Right?

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