My Wedding Planning Addiction

II am beginning to think about my impending wedding all the time. It is definitely in the forefront of my mind and I am starting to do uncharacteristic things like not calling my Dad back after he left me two messages, not coloring or cutting my hair, and working out every day. I think it is good though that I am acknowledging my addiction to wedding planning before it gets out of control. I wonder if there is a wedding planners anonymous group out there somewhere…

So putting together my wedding approach should be relatively easy since I have been thinking about my wedding day and night. The wedding approach is basically a strategy for how you will accomplish your wedding day bliss factors and deliverables. However, it is not a complicated document, just something simple to get you through planning your wedding.

I took my main wedding day bliss factors: making sure the guests have a wonderful time, keeping costs under control, keeping guest list intimate, and keeping planning non-stressful and brain stormed for about five minutes for each bliss factor. I think I came up with a pretty good approach that had basically been marinating in my mind for the past couple months anyway.

Well, perhaps being addicted to wedding planning isn’t so bad if it helps me get things done quicker. Maybe addicted isn’t the right word at this point. It’s not like I am getting sloshed on wedding planning every night. I just think about getting sloshed all the time. Is that so bad?

Wedding Approach

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