Oh The Things You Can Buy

II just can’t help myself. A wedding catalog that shall remain unnamed (but I may have mentioned in an earlier post) provides me with lots of entertainment. The ridiculousness of some of the items in there make me giggle, even on stressful days when I have had way too much wedding planning. Disclaimer: I am very very sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings. This is just my personal taste. Please feel free to make fun of me if I offend you. 


Bride & Groom Wine Bottle Cover Set

Because every bride and groom need to dress up their beer to match them.

wedding coozies


Rusty Barbed Wire Cord

Just in case your wedding guests try to escape.
wedding barbed wire


Star Balloon Arch Frame

So you can remember the best night of your life up until tonight…your high school prom. P.S. you have to blow up all those balloons yourself.

wedding balloon arch


Wedding Doodle Place Mats For Adults

To make sure your guests don’t get bored during YOUR WEDDING!

wedding placemat


Two Hearts Wedding Inflatable Buffet

Your Coors Light bottles deserve a kiddy pool with wedding hearts on it, right?

wedding beer cooler


On a project management related note, 29 days until the wedding, 18 tasks to complete, and only five overdue tasks. I would say that’s relatively positive progress. Go Project Management Wedding Planning!

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