SEVEN MONTHS TO GO !?%*&$#@*!!!!!

HHoly cow! I am having a very neurotic moment right now. I just got an email from reminding me that there are only “7 Months to Go!” I have been saying that there are only seven months until my wedding for a couple weeks now but for some reason this email hit me like a ton of bricks.

Here is the conversation I just had with Justin over instant messenger about it:
Me:  yikes. 7 months
Justin: eeeeeeee J
Me: I think panic is starting to settle in. Like honestly, my heart is beating faster
Justin: Haha, 7 months is plenty of time
Laurel: I was just about to write my blog. Now I have something to write about. 7 months is almost 6 months. And then it will be 5 months. And then  4. And then 3. And then 2. And then only 1!!!!

Um yeah, I haven’t even finished entering all my tasks into my wedding calendar yet from last week. I have been too busy working on free-lance projects and thinking about what to wear for our engagement session on Sunday. Before I left for Scotland I was so calm because I had all my major vendors lined up. Now I’m not calm.

I know seven months is plenty of time, a lot of people plan their wedding in a shorter time frame than that. But I’ve got to think that every bride-to-be has a moment/moments like this. I think I will just chalk it up to the fact that for the last few weeks I have felt like I was on wedding overload so I stopped working on the wedding and now I haven’t done anything in three weeks. How is that for a catch 22?

Ok, I feel better now. There’s nothing like venting to your blog. Next time you hear from me I will be happy, calm, loving wedding planning Laurel again.


P.S. You should thank me for not typing the above in all CAPS and cussing a whole ton. I did feel like it.

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