The Wrath of the Bridezilla

MMy name is Laurel Cagan and I am a Bridezilla. I lost it in a meeting with our DJ handler. I had just sat in traffic for over an hour, missed three quarters of the meeting, and I was steaming when I walked in. Then poor Justin interrupted me while I was talking and I yelled at him. The DJ handler laughed uncomfortably, and my saintly fiancé apologized for interrupting me. Not one of my best moments.

laurel the bridezilla

Yes, this is me

Yes, even brides-to-be who plan their wedding with project management can’t avoid the dreaded bridezilla alter-ego.

I naively assumed that because I went through all the steps of initiating and planning, I could avoid what I defined as one of my wedding day bliss factors (success criteria). So, I’ve come up with a theory. Every bride-to-be becomes a bridezilla in their own way. It may not be in the extreme form that you see on TV and in the movies, but it manifests itself in everyone.

If you have dreamt about your wedding since the time you were little you are going to have very vivid ideas of how your wedding should be. No amount and detail of planning is going to change that. And this idea that you have had most of your life is what is going to push you into bridezilla territory, because consciously or subconsciously, you are going to go to the ends of the earth to realize your childhood dreams.

So basically, whatever anal aspect of your personality that you possess will be amplified to monumental extremes.  And your poor fiancé is the person this bridezilla syndrome affects most. They know us better than anyone and have to put up with us acting in ways that may seem completely foreign to them.

So go home tonight, kiss your fiancé and apologize for everything that you have done and will do that is uncharacteristic for you, for your inner bridezilla.

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