Wedding Day Bliss Factors

HHere is my complete personal list of wedding day bliss factors. Yours will probably be different, just brainstorm of what is important to you.


Laurel and Justin (Joint)

  • We would like of our guests to have a wonderful time
  • We would like our guests to experience a strong sense of happiness, joy, love, etc
  • We would like to have a modestly priced wedding meaning we don’t want to spend money just to spend it. But that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our vision of the wedding.
  • We want to keep the guest list intimate in the sense that we only invite those that we are close with


  • I want to look beautiful
  • I don’t want to become a bridezilla


  • Wants us to be happy

Laurel’s Parents

  • Want us to be able to be fully present (in the moment)
  • Want to share the wedding with the people that are close to them

Justin’s Parents

  • Want whatever Justin and I want
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