Wedding Goldmine

II was going to have an awesome post for y’all today but it’s going to take more work than I initially thought, so look for it next week. Instead I am giving you three small gifts to start off your weekend.

On Wednesday morning I was reading through my marketing related RSS feeds (no not the wedding related ones) and found three new and FREE wedding related tools/websites that I think are fabulous. I felt like I hit a wedding goldmine. collects wedding photos from select wedding blogs and aggregates them into a Pinterest style layout. Then you can create bundles (boards) or “love” a photo. What I am excited about is the fact that I won’t have to stalk all my favorite wedding blogs anymore and the website has a great search function where you can browse by category, color, or popular photos. I truly wish was around a year ago when I started planning.

image of website.


Tracky is perfect for project management wedding planning. I would have definitely entered all of my tasks into this website instead of Dooster if it had existed back then. You can easily add tasks, assign them to other people in your wedding party, attach & share files. What makes Tracky super spectacular is the iPhone app you can download, so you can add tasks on the go. Personally, I think it’s awesome.

tracky website image

Appy Couple

I bet you have always dreamed about creating your very own app for your wedding? Well, maybe you haven’t. But I love the idea of being able to update guests on their phones, provide them with mobile wedding weekend schedules, and even electronic invitations. It’s so green. Appy Couple is a website that allows you to create everything I just mentioned. They have tons of themes and colors to choose from and even give you your very own wedding website if you so choose to use it. It’s definitely a one-stop shopping app for all things wedding stationary, just for the digital age. You have to request an invitation though to use the service (I’m waiting for mine).

appy couple website image

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