Wedding Truffles

JJust a few short, sweet stories to entertain you.

The Cruise Chop

I find this so amusing. I was getting my hair trimmed last night by my new, wonderful  hairdresser, Chachi.  He used to work in hair salons on cruise ships so I was asking him if he enjoyed it.  Chachi told me that one of his favorite things about working on cruise ships was all the post wedding brides on their honeymoons who would come into the salon and ask him to chop all their hair off.

Now I know this phenomenon may sounds strange to my small population of male readers but I am sure it makes complete sense to my female readers. You spend at least a year growing your hair out so you can have a beautiful updo  at your wedding and you just get sick of it. It gets dried out and too long to manage, for me at least. Just the other day I said to Justin, “There are only 51 days left until our wedding. Oh, and only 52 days left until I can cut all my hair off.” I just love the idea of being spontaneous and cutting it all off on a cruise ship on our honeymoon (yes, we will be on one).

Shoes Made for a Queen

Take a good look at these beauties.

Queen Victoria's Shoes

They are Queen Victoria’s wedding shoes. They look just like the pair of ballet shoes my Mom used to wear when she was little. They were made out of wood and didn’t bend. My Mom said they were torture to wear. I used to put them on and pretend I was a prima ballerina and I would probably agree with her. I think I would actually rather wear 5 inch heals than those monsters. Ouch.


According to the May 2012 issue of Lucky, pale lilac is the color of the moment.

Lucky Mag May 2012 Pale Lilac

Um yeah, that’s my wedding color and Justin and I chose it over a year ago. I have been calling it muted lavender but same difference. Apparently I have great timing and I believe someone should hire me to be their go to person for choosing colors that will be popular a year from now. Yes, I’m that good. My other wedding color is grey which is quite popular too right now. Just call me the colorsetter.

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