Wedding Vows, Cleavage, and Tracking Status

LLast night while planning our wedding ceremony, Justin and I came across this statement on the internet: “We discourage brides and grooms from attempting to memorize their vows.   We even discourage seasoned actors from memorizing their vows. Here’s why. Your Head takes a Vacation” ( Point taken. Justin and I both agreed quickly that we wouldn’t be memorizing our vows. What followed was quite an interesting conversation:

 Me: Where are we going to put the vows if we don’t memorize them? Maybe Kevin (the best man) can hold them.

Justin: Kevin can’t hold your vows, that’s not right… why can’t you hold them?

Me: Where am I going to put them?

Justin: Have Ariel (the maid of honor) hold them! Or you could put them in your dress!

Me: What? Am I supposed to pull my vows out of my cleavage?

Justin: Sure!

Me: You don’t want to take a garter off my leg but you are ok with me pulling my vows out of my cleavage?

Justin: Yeah, that’s totally different!

Me: Couldn’t we just have Kevin hold both our vows for us?

Justin: Why can’t Ariel hold your vows?

Me: Because she is going to be wearing a dress without pockets. Why can’t Kevin hold my vows? He is going to be wearing a jacket and pants with lots of pockets.

Justin: Because if Kevin holds them the authenticity of your vows will be cast in doubt! For all anyone knows Kevin could have just written them on a napkin before handing them to you.

Me: Ummmmm, ok. Maybe I can have my Mom sew a pocket into Ariel’s sash.

Sometimes I wish my conversations with Justin were recorded so he could realize how silly he sounds when I play them back for him. I’m sure Justin feels the same way about some things I say too. Apparently he feels strongly about his best man not holding my vows so we will figure out a way around that. I’m realizing it’s the small details in planning a wedding that drive you batty.

I’m actually supposed to be discussing tracking status in this post. Well, Justin and I just crossed off planning the wedding ceremony from my to-do list. Now I only have nine overdue tasks instead of 10. This is how I track my status:

  • I receive emails from the project management website I am using (Dooster) when a task is coming up as due
  • I make a mental note
  • Then I delete the reminder emails. –  ha. I never liked having a cluttered inbox.
  • Dooster also adds the tasks to my Gmail calendar so I check my calendar frequently to remind myself what I need to do.
  • I also track my task list in Dooster. It organizes tasks by overdue and upcoming so it’s easy to get a very quick glance of what I have neglected.

My process for tracking status is pretty loose and bare bones but I don’t think I need to make it more complicated. I’m getting most things done on time. Half of the nine overdue tasks I have right now are Justin’s problems and the other half can’t be decided on yet because we need to meet with the vendors first (the meetings have been scheduled).

I think all in all I am doing a very good job of staying on track with my task schedule. Although, having my Mom sew a pocket into Ariel’s sash might throw us off track a bit…

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