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Agile Development Training Courses

Today’s marketplace is exceedingly shifty, organizations are finding that customers demand on-the-fly changes and properly planned projects are being turned on their heads in an instant. These variables require a new tool, one that embraces change and puts customer delivery at the highest priority. That tool is the Agile methodology! Agile training gives your organization the skills and knowledge required to create self-reliant, cross-functional teams that can handle the stress and unpredictability of modern projects.

The continuum of adoption is wide. Some organizations are shifting completely from a waterfall methodology to agile. Other are landing in the middle with a balanced mixture of waterfall and agile. Change is hard and it always requires communication, training, and rewards to overcome resistance. Get the training you need.

Our courses are completely customizable to meet you where your company falls on the continuum. We have helped a substantial and diverse group of companies get where they want to be with agile.

Why Agile Might be Right For Your Organization 


Fast Start in Agile Development

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This course is specifically designed to provide participants with a solid understanding of what agile is, and some of the best practices surrounding an agile project. An emphasis will be placed on understanding the key agile principles, with a business focus. The end-to-end agile process will be detailed and demonstrated through hands-on exercises and simulations. Participants will not only understand “why” agile works, but “how” to use it on a project, including release planning, iteration planning, daily stand-up meetings, user stories, and project management.


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