Sucessful Project Management for Non-Technical Projects

Successful Project Management for Non-Technical Projects

When you think of “projects,” does your mind immediately jump to the technology departments? IT, R&D, Engineering? It should. While professional managers and business analysts may have first emerged in these technical bastions, they are far from the only positions within a company with projects. In fact, if you’re wondering how to become a better manager, you need to expand what you consider a project. Much of what a business does can be considered project-based, and no matter the department, could greatly benefit from management guidance.

Implementing new inventory management procedures is a project. Rolling out a new performance appraisal process is a project. Market research is a project. Year-end accounting is a project. Organizing a sales conference is a project. In short, successful project managements isn’t limited to just technical assignments and projects. Be it a task that last a few hours or an entire fiscal year, much of the work in your organization is non-technical projects-based.

For most professionals in non-technical fields, however, getting a project management or business analysis certification makes no sense. You don’t need it; the return on investment is simply not there. But you can certainly benefit from knowing a few tricks and tools to make your projects run more smoothly. With a couple days of crash courses and intensive learning, you can help your non-technical project run more smoothly, successfully, and efficiently. Systemation’s Non-Technical Project Courses will help bring our successful project managements courses to the non-technical field, giving you the vital tools and knowledge that you need in order to improve your non-technical project however possible. View our courses below and see how we can improve your processes and learn how to become a better manager.


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The Occasional Project Manager

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Individuals managing smaller, shorter-term projects often wear multiple hats and have other job duties on top of their project responsibilities. This highly interactive non-technical projects workshop equips such jugglers to deliver great project results more efficiently and with less stress. Participant’s gain a solid understanding of the 4 phases in every project (planning, specifying, building, and implementing) and the 4 project disciplines (project management, business analysis, product development, and change management).


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Physical Classroom$1,100View Dates
Virtual Classroom$940