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Teaching vs Facilitating

Most educators agree with the statement that “individuals differ in their general skills, aptitudes, and preferences for processing information, constructing meaning from it, and applying it to new situations.” Why is it, then, that so many training and education professionals employ a teaching philosophy that emphasizes the “teacher” as a deliverer of information and the “learner” as simply the receiver of information?

Few things are more important in training than how content is imparted to students, and as such is it important to underscore some key differences between teachers and facilitators.

Teaching tends to emphasize delivery of information to the learner without regard for learning preferences, the needs of the learner, or the transfer of learning to the job. Facilitators, on the other hand, create an environment where students are encouraged to interact and engage the whole mind and body in the learning activity, and this links critical thinking with real-life application. In order to be successful, project managers and business analysts must learn in an active, encouraging and stimulating environment.
Adult learners require facilitators to increase knowledge and change behaviors. This is what brings about true performance improvement.

How to Get Classroom Learning to Translate into On-the-Job Performance


About Systemation

Systemation is a results-driven training company that optimizes the performance of individuals and organizations by instilling current best practices, processes, and techniques across the enterprise. With unparalleled expertise in Leadership development, project management, business analysis, and agile development, we help transform the way people perform to maximize overall businesses success.

Our best-in-class services portfolio includes a broad range of measurable, observable and reliable performance improvement learning solutions. And unlike most other training companies that provide highly theoretical advice, Systemation provides only practical, immediately-usable learning solutions that get desired business results.

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