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Why Systemation? We’re all about projects. Through years of working in the trenches, we’ve seen the good, bad, and ugly of projects, and we’ve translated our experiences into project management and business analysis programs that demystify the process and put success within your reach. Go ahead. Be the hero of your next project. We can help.

If the mere thought of project management training and business analysis training bring to mind hefty textbooks and dense, theoretical jargon you can barely decipher much less put to use back on the job, our courses will be a breath of fresh air. We focus on helping you fine tune your approach and building the essential knowledge and skills you need to make an immediate impact - on your work, your projects, your credibility, and your business's results.

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Project Management
Today’s projects are complex; learning how to manage them shouldn’t be. Whether you need to fine tune your approach or fill in knowledge gaps, our training courses make it easy on you. We’ll give you the skills, confidence and practical experience to make an immediate impact back on the job—so you can get the big results without the big headaches. Systemation’s project management training will help give you the edge you need.
Business Analysis

As a business analyst, you have to flex your approach to address a wide range of organizational needs and circumstances. So we think it only makes sense that your training options should flex to your needs. Our comprehensive selection of training courses gives you access to the right development opportunities when and how you need them. From customized, on-site classes to our ongoing series of public workshops covering all areas of business analysis, you’ll learn from industry experts who have been in your shoes. Taking a page from our highly renowned project management training courses, Systemation’s business analysis training classes immerse you into the concepts and help you build the practical skills and knowledge you need, whether you’re working toward certification or just want to be more effective and confident in your job.

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