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People, Projects, and Organizations

21 Aug 2009 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

End-Users Have Horizon Lines Too

We have been unfair to end-users for far too long. We ask them what they want the application to do for them and they tell us as best they can. Then we get mad at them because they change their mind or bring up additional items later in the project. We have been complaining about […]


06 Aug 2009 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Don't Forget About the Project Environment

Projects are neither good nor bad: they’re neutral. They succeed or fail because of what team members do to them, the skills each team member brings to a project effect its ultimate success. Most executives understand this and that is why they spend money on training because raising the skill level of team members increases […]


03 Aug 2009 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Match Your Medium With Your Message

We’ve all experienced this: You address a personal issue with a colleague or you share some critical information with a project sponsor and it blows up in your face. You had no idea it could have gone that way but it did, and now your relationship with that person is fractured. If you’re like most […]