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People, Projects, and Organizations

28 Jul 2010 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Stop Parenting Your Staff and Start Coaching Them

It is very natural for parents to take responsibility for their children. At a young age kids don’t know how to be responsible for themselves, but the goal of every parent is to slowly show and allow their children to be responsible for themselves. Certainly, after one becomes 18 they should be mostly responsible for […]


23 Jul 2010 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Get More Out of Life by Seeing the Shades of Grey

Life today presents us with so many different environments and situations. On a daily basis we pass judgments and take actions that help us navigate through our business, personal, political, and religious lives. We are continuously confronted with unprecedented amounts of information that can influence our decision making process. While this is good in so […]


15 Jul 2010 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

The Elusive High Performance Team

In the 80’s high performance teams were the craze. Project management was just coming into its own and teams were getting more and more attention, but today we talk about and observe them with little fan fair. Although high performance teams have become “untrendy” their importance to projects is still extremely significant. The continuum of […]


07 Jul 2010 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

The Shortest Path to a Good Project Management Methodology

You look across your organization and see a wide variation between your good project managers and the weaker ones. Everyone seems to be doing their own thing and no one is taking advantage of your organization’s best practices. You say to yourself, “If I only had a good project management methodology, I could raise the […]