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People, Projects, and Organizations

17 Mar 2015 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Business Analysis Training: The 5 Parts of a Compelling Business Case

You see a problem. You have a solution. You can’t get management to listen. That is, until you mention the resources required, and then they’re listening—and ready to shut you down. If you want to make headway, you need to learn how to create a compelling business case. Our business analysis training will help you […]


20 Jan 2015 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

5 Tips for a Good Business Analyst

There’s nothing more important than teamwork when it comes to running a business. Learning strong business analyst characteristics and knowledge is essential to running any business professionally and efficiently. What separates a mediocre business analyst from a good one? What makes the good business analysts the best at what they do? A good business analyst […]


16 Dec 2014 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Top 4 Apps for Business Analysts

In this digital era, laptops, tablets, and smartphones have become an essential part of the modern workforce. Applications and software have allowed businesses to access company email, calendars, to-do lists, and files from anywhere on any device. These apps increase collaboration, protect valuable documents, and help employees manage their workload. There are tons of applications […]


09 Dec 2014 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Advance Your Career with Business Analysis Training Courses

Acting as agents of change, business analysts are a vital aspect of any organization. They analyze an organization’s business model and integrate innovative technologies and cost-effective strategies to help them effectively achieve their goals and objectives. They also serve as a liaison among stakeholders and make the necessary adjustments to a company’s policies and strategies […]


28 Oct 2014 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

How Business Analysts Can Benefit your Organization

Business analysts are a valuable tool for any business. They help companies make viable changes to improve their organization and achieve their goals. While some companies may think business analysts are an added cost, they actually help reduce company costs through increasing its ROI and lowering project costs. Business analysts are agents of change, as […]


10 Nov 2011 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Four Functional Disciplines Needed on All Projects

All projects have a set of common characteristic by definition: they are temporary endeavors undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. Because of this, they also have some common activities that must be executed. Such things as: developing the project plan, schedule, and budget . . . executing, controlling, and pre-planning the project […]


30 Jun 2011 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

When Nice Users Drive You Nuts

You know and appreciate them. Those super nice people who are always cordial, very amenable, never demanding or burdensome. In group settings you hardly know they are around. When you interact with them one-on-one it is always a pleasure. The conversation stays very positive and noncontroversial. In most settings you wish the world had a […]


17 Dec 2010 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Momentum – The X Factor in Project Success

In physics, momentum is a term used to describe a mass in motion. In competition it’s used to indicate which side has the current upper hand. It’s what aids a baseball team in winning the game by scoring five runs in the 9th inning with two outs. It gives the offense the edge in scoring […]


19 Aug 2010 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

You Need a Translator on Your Project Team

All projects have one thing in common, a communication gap between the visionary and the creator. Visionaries come in many forms. They may be an innovator, a department head, or a line of business. They are the ones who determine the scope of a project. Creators come in many forms too: small teams, whole organizations, […]


24 Nov 2009 Posted by Ben Snyder CEO

Writing Good Requirements

Writing good requirements is frequently portrayed as a unique skill to business analysts, it’s not, it’s a unique skill to good writers. Requirements are simply a condition or capability needed by a stakeholder (user) to solve a problem or achieve an objective. Identifying requirements is a unique skill to business analysts; however, writing good requirements […]