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5 Must-Have Skills for Project Managers

5 Must-Have Skills for Project Managers

A project manager is the driving force behind a project. They need to be able to look at the big picture of a project and seamlessly adapt to any changes that arise as it progresses. At the same time, they must manage the daily operations of the project and make sure everyone is doing their part. The effectiveness of a project manager can determine whether or not a project is successfully completed on time and on budget.

So what makes a good project manager? Here are the top 5 skills all successful project managers possess:

  1. Communication – When it comes to managing a project, communication is key. Even if a project has the best resources and most advanced technologies, they can’t lead it to success if they don’t have strong communication skills. PMs have to be able to communicate well with stakeholders and team members. Through communication, PMs can discover any issues or risks that may be arising and manage them before they spiral out of control.
  2. Team Building – Another important trait PMs must have is team building. Projects can be drawn out and long, inflicting stress on team members along the way. The project manager needs to be able to hold the team together and motivate members to work together to accomplish the project’s objective.
  3. Leadership – The project manager is the project’s leader, so he/she must possess strong leadership skills. PMs have to lead stakeholders to a successful outcome, while capitalizing on the talents and skills of team members to reach that outcome. To complete a project successfully, the team has to work as cohesive unit and all parties involved have to be on the same page. It’s the job of the PM to use his/her leadership skills to effectively manage and oversee all aspects of the project.
  4. Problem Solving – In an ideal world, projects will be completed on time and on budget, with no major problems arising along the way. But, clearly that is not the case. Projects are always subject to change as they progress, and a project manager must quickly adapt to these changes. When problems arise on the project, PMs need to be able to come up with immediate solutions.
  5. Time Management – PMs are often juggling several tasks at one time, so they need to have strong time management skills to ensure they are all completed on time. There are many apps and software available to help project managers keep track of their schedules and to-do-lists. But, managing time effectively goes beyond an application. A PM needs to stay positive and motivated and not get stressed out when there’s a lot of work to accomplish.

Does your organization’s project manager possess these critical skills? If you’re a PM, do you have what it takes to successfully lead a project? Find out by taking a project management assessment. Project management assessments help you identify your strengths and need-attention areas. After taking an assessment you can take a project management training course to enhance your skills and become a fool-proof project manager.

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