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May, 2011 | A Very PMP Wedding

3, 2, 1 – Initiation

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II think it might be time to get one of those tacky digital wedding countdown clocks. I bet Justin will love to have a daily reminder of the days, hours, minutes, and seconds we have left before our big day. Even though I have done a little planning already, now that the wedding is just 12 months away, I feel like I can officially start now. And what better way is there to mark this joyous occasion than to constantly know how much time I have left? Before I could begin to start even thinking about planning my wedding (above and beyond daydreaming what it would be like) Justin and I had to get engaged. That could probably go without saying but since I am using project management to plan my wedding I have to follow the phases. And the first one is Initiation or as I...

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

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IIt’s a fact. Every couple will fight while planning their wedding. Justin and I have had our moments already and we have only been engaged for three months. In the May 2011 issue of “Brides” magazine there was an entire page dedicated to real-life arguments between to-be brides and grooms. The funniest one? They couldn’t agree on if they wanted their caramelized eggplant appetizer on a walnut or pecan encrusted radicchio chip. For project managers, communication and people-skills are absolute necessities. If you are planning your own wedding you have to be a pro at this. It involves knowing the communication style of your fiancé, bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, in-laws, and vendors and adapting your communication style so things get done efficiently and...

Wedding Planning: It’s Not a Hollywood Movie

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II think most people would agree that J.Lo movies aren’t the most high quality entertainment out there. However, there is one that may not make you gag, “The Wedding Planner”. Are you starting to see a pattern here? I think I may have an addiction to movies about weddings. Anyway, you can’t pass up the fact that it has two hunky men in it: Matthew McConaughey and Justin Chambers (pre “Grey’s Anatomy” days). The interesting thing about “The Wedding Planner” is it gives a nice Hollywood spin on what a wedding planner goes through; even if J.Lo (the wedding planner) and Matthew McConaughey (the fiancé) end up together in the end. Of course, the industry is probably glamorized to make it interesting for us to watch but you do get a glimpse of the ups...

Royal vs. Commoner Weddings

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commoner project management triangle

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AAhhhhhhh, the royal wedding. It was an exciting event for me last Friday. I watched all the specials on TLC and E! earlier in the week and by time Friday rolled around I had decided that I wasn’t going to look at any pictures of Kate Middleton’s dress until I got home that night and watched the entire 5-hours of coverage at the royal wedding screening I had. I did catch a little glimpse of Kate Middleton’s shoulders and head on my Yahoo homepage but besides that, there were no sightings until I told to my co-workers not to say anything about what the gown looked like. Then the teasing commenced. I have to admit I was being a little ridiculous, wanting to make Kate’s dress a surprise so I was laughing along with everyone. At one point, I walked away from my...

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