3, 2, 1 – Initiation

II think it might be time to get one of those tacky digital wedding countdown clocks. I bet Justin will love to have a daily reminder of the days, hours, minutes, and seconds we have left before our big day. Even though I have done a little planning already, now that the wedding is just 12 months away, I feel like I can officially start now. And what better way is there to mark this joyous occasion than to constantly know how much time I have left?

Before I could begin to start even thinking about planning my wedding (above and beyond daydreaming what it would be like) Justin and I had to get engaged. That could probably go without saying but since I am using project management to plan my wedding I have to follow the phases. And the first one is Initiation or as I called it earlier “Looking at Bridal Magazines Every Chance I Get”.

To officially initiate a project (wedding), the project manager (wedding planner – me) has to have authorization (engagement) to begin work on the project.  How could this be more true than with weddings?  I suppose it is possible to plan a wedding without officially being engaged and some people probably do. But I would have most likely never been proposed to if I had gone in that direction. Talk about scaring off your boyfriend.  So in the case of planning my wedding the authorization to begin came from Justin. However, beyond getting engaged there were a couple other items we needed to hash through before starting the wedding planning.

Why have a wedding?
First Justin and I had to decide in what type of fashion we would exchange vows and celebrate. The best way to do this was to answer the question, “why have a wedding?”  For us, we wanted to be able to share and celebrate our commitment and love with our family and friends, which meant no elopement. This was probably a 30 second conversation because we both always knew we wanted a wedding, but we had to bring it up nonetheless. Although, I think we have both already had fleeting moments where we thought it would just be easier to elope, but I’m sure that’s the case for every engaged couple. Nonetheless, we’re moving full steam ahead and planning a full blown wedding.

Can we pull it off?
Knowing that Justin and I now had a wedding to plan we then had to determine if we could pull it off financially. We are very lucky. Our parents were happy to help out.

Done and done. Initiation deployed. Bridal magazines purchased. Now about that digital clock…I bet there is an app for that…

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