Sticky Notes and Textured Walls Don’t Mix

II thought I was being really cool and brilliant at the same time. I decided I would create a work breakdown structure (WBS) just like we do in our project management workshops at Systemation, with large sticky notes and a blank wall. So that is how I spent my night last Thursday.


Here’s how it went:

It started out well. I found a large wall in my condo, took down the artwork, and set up a step ladder.

work breakdown structure start

Laurel Creating a Work Breakdown Structure

Disclaimer: This is me after a Sean T Insanity workout. Please diregard my appearance.


Then I began adding sticky notes. So far so good.

Laurel with Work Breakdown Structure Wall


Just as I started really getting into it – whipping out the sticky notes and adding them to my masterpiece – my WBS started to fall apart…

Work Breakdown Structure Fail


So much for a great idea. I decided to go back to watching Mad Men.

Laurel Sad about Work Breakdown Structure


I forgot that in our workshops we put the sticky notes on a big piece of white butcher paper. They stick much better to that.

On to Plan B, going straight to using free online software to build my WBS. I know it is quite a cliffhanger but I’m going to make you wait until next week to find out how Plan B turned out.

In the meantime, you have some reading to do on work breakdown structures.

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