Wedding Time and the Livin’s Easy

DDo you remember that feeling? That wonderful feeling you got in school the last day of the year when all your homework was turned in and all your tests were taken. And all there was in front of you was the fun-filled days of summer? I am sure you do because that is one of the best feelings in the world. You might have thought that you would never have that feeling again. Well, I am here to tell you, you will.

When you finish your last big task before your wedding you will want to scream and jump for joy (I certainly did last night when I finished up designing the seating chart, programs, and table numbers). You will forget about all the stress you have experienced and your over-loaded brain and you will just look forward to the biggest day of your life. I promise.

My wedding is 15 days away now and I can thank project management for helping me complete most of my wedding tasks this far in advance. Of course I have a few more small things to take care of still but the awesomely huge job of planning a wedding is done.

If you are familiar with the comedian Demetri Martin, you will recognize my inspiration for the below chart.

wedding excitement chart














If you aren’t familiar with Demetri Martin, I think you will get it anyway. It’s pretty self-explanatory but you will notice the ups and downs in excitement as you get closer to the wedding day. Yes, I think we must all experience bride schizophrenia  at that point in the process.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a weekend of not having an elephant weighing my shoulders down. And just so you know, I am definitely in the part of the chart that goes up and up and up in excitement.

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